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My start in retail was a rough one. Having a trainer who is bored most of the time and isn’t happy to work didn’t help either. Those things led me to being nervous all the time and taking many small breaks to drink some water or collect myself.

I completely and fully understand if someone doesn’t like to see people drinking directly from the water tap (via mouth close to tap). So it is not a problem if someone asks me not to do so. Until a certain day arrived, where temperatures went through the roof.

My boss had the wonderful idea to clean all glasses we own with Apple Cider Vinegar, which rendered them unusable even after a few days (since it tasted horrible). On one of the hottest days, where people bothered me left and right, I had two choices (I forgot my drink at home): Drink from the tap or let it taste like s***.

I usually went for scooping the water with my hands to drink it, but was so thirsty that I drank from the tap in a kind of reflex. A coworker of mine saw me, and although I apologised, left the room with a grim look on his face.

A few hours later my boss called to meet him in his office. When I entered, I saw a dog bowl on his table, filled with water and my name written on it.

My boss and the coworker stood there, looking and me, when the boss said: “Well, since you like drinking like a dog, why not drink from where you feel the most comfortable with.” Then they laughed and laughed, with me standing there, having no clue what was happening to me.