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(I do over the phone tech support for internet and cable issues.  A customer has called in because he’s painted his room, and hooked his tv back up to the cable box, but it isn’t working.)

Me: “Sir, just to verify, when you hooked your box back up you have the screw in coaxial cable coming from the wall to ‘Cable IN’ on the cable box, correct?”

Customer: “Let me double check.” [a few seconds later] “Correct.”

Me: “Ok, and how do you have the box hooked to the tv, the coaxial cable from cable out, the 5 different colored component cables, or an HDMI cord?”

Customer: “Let me check.
[a few seconds later] “It says 1WCH.”

Me: *trying not to chuckle.* “Sir, I think that’s upside down.”

Customer: “Huh…it won’t go in the other way.”

Me: *Trying desperately not to laugh at this point* “uh…sir, what I mean to say is that I think you’re reading it upside down.”

Customer: “huh? OH!” *customer chuckles.*

(This customer made my night.)