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I work at the Front Desk. A guest walks up, holding some papers.

Me: Good Morning! How can I assist you?

Guest: I need you to fax some documents for me.

Me: Sure! I can take care of that.

Guest: Thank you, the fax number is at the top. I need you to send 3 separate faxes for the same number.

Me: So… you want me to send these 3 papers to the same number?

Guest: Yes. 3 different faxes, same number.

*I complete the faxes and hand the documents back with a confirmation page.*

Me: Here you are, Sir! Anything else I can do for you?

Guest: Uh… I asked you to send these 3 papers separately to the same number! You sent them all together!

Me: I’m sorry, Sir! I must have misunderstood. Let me fix that for you.

*At this moment, the phone starts to ring and another guest walks up to the desk. I excuse myself and run back to my managers’ office for help*

Me: Stephen! I need help! Can you fax these papers for a guest? And make sure you fax them 3 separate time to this number at the top?

Manager: Are you serious? Why can’t we just fax them all together?

Me: Yea. I know.

*By the time I finish with the other guests, my manager comes up to the front with the documents*

Manager: Here you go. I sent 3 separate faxes to the same number for you.

Guest: Ugh! Finally someone got it right! *storms off*

Manager: Wow! It looks like it’s going to be THAT kind of day!

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