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, | Unfiltered | November 6, 2018

So a guy comes into the bar buys a pint and goes to play on the fruit machine. He comes back to the bar and asks for a packet of crisps, he pays with a £10.
I give him his change of £9.20, he then says
“actually i have the £1 coin so i don’t need to break into the note” give me the £1 coin and demands i take his £10 note out of the till
(he has the £9.20 change and put this into his pocket while shoving the £1 coin into my hand demanding his £10 note)
at this point i’m confused and say “well give me the change back and i will get the £10 note back for you”
he then starts shouting about me scamming him and he is late for his bus (at this point i get he is trying to scam me but doing a really bad job)
I tell him he has the £9.20 change i just gave him in his pocket if he wants his £10 note back he needs to give me back the change that i gave to him, he starts shouting again about the police and how i’m a low life and leaves the bar, my other customers are just looking at me (the guy really went off on one) i’m a little in shock but laugh it off, the guy storms back in throws the packet of crisps at me still threatening the police and storms back out.
Guy tried to scam me but I ended up 80p up as I had my crisps back

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