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(I was standing in line at a grocery store.  There were two people in front of me.  The person immediately in front of me was a man.  Mid 50’s I’d say, with a gray, scratchy-looking beard, a stained hoody and a baseball cap that looked about as old as he was.  He had a banana in his hand that he was eating.  When it was his turn, he threw the half-eaten banana down in front of the cashier, who was a young girl that I’m guessing was still in high school.)

Customer:  (Clearly already in an angry mood)  “I ate half of it, but ring it up, dammit!”

Cashier:  “But…  for fruits and veggies, I have to weigh the item in order to find the proper price, because they’re sold by weight.  I can’t do that with something that’s half-eaten.”

Customer:  (Going from angry to furious, but speaking in a low voice)  “Oh f*** you.  F*** you.  What do you want me to do?”

Cashier:  (Scared by his attitude)  “Um…  I mean.  I’m not sure.  Maybe get one of a comparable size that I can weigh?”

Customer:  (Now raising his voice)  “No, I’m paying for THIS ONE!  Why is everyone here such a ****ing idiot?!  I’m not leaving the line.  I’ve had it with you people here!  Why can’t I have this banana?!  Well now I’m only gonna pay for the half I didn’t eat… what do you think of that?!”

Cashier:  (Practically squirming in her skin)  “Sir, I don’t know what to say.”

Customer:  “No!  Of course you don’t!”  (Makes noises like a baby, I’m assuming to imply the cashier is acting like one, I suppose.)

(A co-worker comes over after hearing the man’s tone, and after the cashier tries to explain the situation while the customer shouted over her, they just decided to charge him a small amount of change to get him out of the store.)

Cashier:  “Ok, that will be 20 cents.”

Customer:  (Practically shouting again)  “Well, I don’t have that!  You robbed all my other money!”

(Finally, after an awkward pause, the customer slammed down some loose change in front of her, and left without a receipt, muttering profanities and insults at the cashier as he walked away.  I asked someone else working there what the problem was, and he said that he didn’t have a clue.  The man hadn’t even been in there before as far as he knew.  But because of the stores location near the city’s downtown area, many weird and crazy people from the area would end up coming to the store, cause trouble, then leave.)