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[A customer came in to the store to do an exchange on a speaker we had to web order one for him and explained it would take 3 – 10 business days, we got the exchange done and he went to pack up his old speaker to take it home]

Me: Sir you can’t take the speaker home with you

Customer: Why not? it still works if I put the USB cord in, it’s just the blu-tooth that isnt working

Me: Once you return an item to the store, you cant take it back, because that classifies as theft


Me: Sir, let me ask you something, you borrow a wrench from someone, and a few weeks later you give it back, is the wrench still yours?

Customer: No because I gave it back to them

Me: Exactly, when you signed to accept that you were returning the item, it meant you are giving the item back to us, and you will be getting a new one free of charge when it comes in the mail

Customer:….Well what do I do  until my new speaker comes in?