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<i>(I am a redhead that can also tan naturally. This causes a lot of explaining when encountering people who don’t know me, which I find annoying as people often think I am lying. I am at work when a middle aged woman comes into the shop.)</i>

<b>Woman:</b> “Excuse me, but where did you buy your fake tan from? What brand do you use?”

<b>Me:</b> “Oh, I don’t use fake tan. This is my natural skin and my natural tan.”

<b>Woman:</b> *glares at me* “No, seriously. What do you use. I can tell it’s fake. It’s so unnatural and we all know redheads don’t tan. I know you may be one to hold onto beauty secrets, but this is ridiculous.”

<b>Me:</b> “No, really, this is my natural tan. The redheads in my family all tan, but funnily enough, other hair colours in my family, like the blondes, can’t tan and get very sunburnt easily. It is strange, I know, but this is my actual skin colour.”

<b>Woman:</b> “Well then, where did you buy your hair dye? If you tan, you can’t be a real redhead. You can’t fool me with your hair dye, it’s so obviously not your real colour. I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve been around long enough to know when I’m being tricked.”

<b>Me:</b> “This is my actual hair colour. This is my natural skin. Not all redheads can’t tan. Can I help you with anything else today?”

<i>(The customer scoffs at me and storms out of the store angrily, muttering how much of a liar I am. I am left quite confused as to why I had to be interrogated for my skin and hair colour and ridiculed for it too.)</i>