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(I’m a petite girl and have been since I was little. I’m very proud of my body, and I do show it off. I’m shopping in this store that sells both Plus size and Petite teen clothing, since my shorts got too big for me. I was shopping when this really big girl comes in. I glance up at her, then go back to shopping. She comes up to me and snatches the shorts out of my hands.)
Girl: Why were you staring at me?
Me: What?
Girl: You were staring at me! What’s your fucking problem?
(I just stared at her for a second, then grabbed another pair of shorts and started to head to the cash register, since I didn’t want to get into it. The girl followed me to the front.)
Girl: Do you have a problem with fat people? You hate them don’t you? Why don’t you eat a damn cheeseburger for once? You obviously need it. There are starving children in Africa, why are you being so selfish and not eating, something they’d give an arm and leg for?
(She continues with this rant about my body. After a few moments, I’ve finally had enough and snapped.)
Me: For your information, I do eat. Just because I don’t stuff my face constantly doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food. Secondly, if you’re so worried about the children in Africa why don’t YOU put down the cheeseburger and give it to THEM? I wasn’t staring at you. I looked up because you walked in, so sorry for being curious! I honestly don’t give two shits about what you look like, and I didn’t judge you, so why are you judging me?!
(She stared at me, then huffed and walked away, but not before yelling back;)
Girl: What ever you bitch! You’re just mad because I’m a REAL WOMAN!