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(I’ve been working as a cashier at a grocery store for the past three years. One day, a kid who is a fairly regular customers comes through my lane.)

Kid: “I seriously hate my dad so much.”

(Every single time this kid comes in, he complains about his parents and the fact that they always make him stop at the grocery store to pick things up. I try to ignore it.)

Me: “Oh, sorry to hear that…would you like any bags?”

Kid: “Seriously he makes me come here to buy things all the time. It’s so annoying.”

Me: “Yeah I guess that would be irritating…is that cash or credit?”

Kid: “He’s such an a**hole. You have no idea who hard it is being thirteen!”

Me: “I bet it’s rough. Personally I was already 18 years old when I was born so you’re right, I wouldn’t know.”

Kid: *takes receipt and walks away*