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(Myself and my friend Nick were finishing some work we were doing and stopped off to get a bite to eat at this restaurant. It was early in the day and they did all day breakfast, so I ordered a big breakfast platter for myself. I offered to buy breakfast/lunch for Nick but he said he wasn’t feeling too well and just wanted a glass of milk. I’m in my early 40’s and Nick is in his early 20’s but could easily pass for 15 years old. I was complaining good-naturedly about my husband to Nick since they’re also friends. Because Nick wasn’t feeling well, he didn’t look especially cheerful or chatty.)

Me: Here. At least have a piece of toast? You should eat SOMETHING.

Nick: Oh, ok. *takes the toast and nibbles it tiredly*

(An older lady rushed up to us, glowering, and out of the blue, began fussing at us.)

Lady: I can’t believe you! Look at you! *points to me and my breakfast* You’re eating this BIIiIiIG breakfast while your young son only gets a piece of toast and milk!

(Nick and I look utterly confused and surprised)

Lady: And you just complain and complain to the poor boy about his father! That’s not right! He shouldn’t hear you put down his father like that! Look at how hurt he is! Hungry and hurt! You are so selfish! Poor thing is starving and you only order food for yourself!

Me: *in a VERY confused and shocked tone* Ma’am, Nick’s my FRIEND. He’s not my son, and he’s 22. We’re talking about my husband because Nick’s friends with him.

Nick: *Also confused and shocked* Yeah. Honestly. She’s not my mother. I live on my own. She offered to buy me breakfast but my stomach’s a bit queasy and I said I didn’t want any. I’m having a hard time even eating this toast which she shared with me.

(The lady got on a look of utter horror at her mistake. She started to back away like we were vampires intent on eating her and stammered at us.)

Lady: I.. I’m sorry! I’m old! Old people make mistakes! I couldn’t help it! I’m old! I make Old People mistakes!

(She then made sure her male companion had paid and fled the restaurant without looking back!)

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