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(<i>At my store, the customer service desk has a policy of only checking out customers when we’re slow, and then only if they have 10 items or fewer, in order to make sure we have time to help people with returns and other issues that can only be done at the desk. If we have no customers, we also have to sort items left at the cash registers into baskets by their area. A woman comes up with a return and a cart full of merchandise.</i>)

Customer: “I need to exchange this shirt. It didn’t fit.”

Me: “All right, can I have the receipt?”

(<i>We do the exchange, and then she also starts unloading the cart onto my desk.</i>)

Me: “Uh, ma’am, I won’t be able to ring you up for that here. I can only do purchases of up to 10 items.”

Customer: “What? That’s stupid. There’s no one here, you’re just standing around. I don’t want to have to go wait in line.”

Me: (glancing at three carts full of merchandise to sort) “I have other work, and if anyone comes up with a return I need to be available to help them.”

Customer: “No! You’re just being lazy. I’m not going to move until you ring up my stuff!”

(<i>I give in and start ringing. 15 minutes later, as I finally finish up, there are 8 other customers behind her, getting annoyed at the wait.</i>)

Customer: “There, now was it really so hard to do your job without complaining?”

Another customer: “Lady, her job is returns! Next time, check out at the registers and let us get on with business!”

(<i>The customer turns around angrily, but when she sees the line behind her she turns pale and leaves quickly.</i>)