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I had just gotten a job at a well known retail store in my hometown. Part of my job is answering phone calls and answering questions about clothing. One night I get a call from a male customer that starts off innocently enough.
Me: Hello! Thank you for calling [Store]! My name is [Name]. How can I help you today!
Customer: Yes ma’am. I am looking for a dress for a lady. The kind of dress you’d wear to a club or dance party. Do you have anything like that?
Me: We certainly do have a few dresses like that sir. Is there anything in particular that you would like?
The customer then proceeds to have me describe every dress to him in vivid detail, including the color, design and fabric. He asks me to describe how they feel on my skin and wants to know if I would wear the dresses. This goes on for about 20 minutes. Getting a little uncomfortable, I mention to him that I have other customers, the man decides to bring out the big guns.
Customer: I am so sorry for keeping you so long honey! It is just that I am looking for a dress for my lady friend. You see, I went to a club last night and I made a bet with some girls. I bet them that they couldn’t “take me all the way in”, if you know what I mean. It turns out they could and she said that “it” looked like a baby’s arm holding an apple. Now I owe her a dress.
Me: … Um.. yea.. Um ok sir you have a great day!!
I hung up the phone and the guy didn’t call back that day and he never came in for any of the dresses. When I told my coworkers about him, I found out that this man calls about once a month and always has a different perverted story to tell. None of my managers would do anything about it because there was no way to track him and he never came in. One day, after another horrible story, I am finally fed up with this man.
Customer: And that’s how I found out my house keeper was having threesomes on my bed when I wasn’t home. Now I need new bed sheets! What do you think about that!?
Me: Sir, I think you are talking to under aged girls and that you need to keep you’re sexual exploits to yourself. If you call again I am going to have to call the police. Now I suggest that you keep “it” in your pants from now on.
He hung up the phone and hasn’t called my store since!!

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