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(A customer is approaches the counter, on the phone, wanting to make a payment to their son’s – who he his currently talking to – phone bill. In order to do this, we need two different things: the phone number and the account number of the bill.)

Customer: (To Phone) Yeah, I’m at the counter, making the payment. (To Me) Yes, I’d like to make a payment to my son’s Walmart Family Mobile phone bill.

Me: (Preparing the register to do the transaction) Alright, that’s not a problem, do you know the phone and account number?

(The customer hands me two slips of paper, one with the phone number and one with #225# – the short code to get account information, including balance and number)

Me: Alright, that’s the phone number, but that’s just the number you dial to get the account information onto your phone.

Customer: (To Phone) He’s asking for the account number


Customer: (To Me) You don’t need it, he’s says you’ve never needed it before

(I enter the phone number and advance the process to the next screen, which needs the account number)

Me: I’ve never heard of it done without an account number, and it says here that it’s required

Customer: (To Phone) Look, if I’m going to do this every month, I’ll need your account number.


Customer: (To Me) He says you don’t need it.

Me: (Turns the screen to show it to the customer) I’m sorry sir, but you look here, I do ne-


(The customer walks off as the next customer comes up, catching a glance of the screen as I’m putting back into normal placement. All the while, I shake my head, a little tired and annoyed with the last customer)

Next customer: Don’t worry about him, just take a deep breath and relax for a second.

Me: (chuckling as I calm down) Thank you, now what can I do for you.