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(I was just starting my shift that day, because of the lack of help, I was learning about mixing paints to help more around the store. My coworker had called me over to let me try and help a customer with him watching over. We are trying to find out if she wanted a paint with a shiny or dull coat.)

Customer: I don’t understand.

Coworker: One will be reflective and will be shiny while the other is, well, dull.

Customer: I don’t understand. I didn’t get enough sleep.

Coworker: I… I really don’t know how to explain any other way.

Me: See the paint on our wall? That’s dull paint. The shiny coat, the satin, will seem a bit brighter.

Customer; Ah, I see. I’ll take the dull paint. My boyfriend is making me repaint, I don’t want to though.

(We go off to find the base paint she needs, but realize that we are out.)

Coworker: Ma’am, I’m sorry. We seem to be out of that base. Will you be okay with the shiny coat?

Customer: I don’t understand. I want this color.

Coworker: It will still be this color.

Customer: But I still want this color!

Me: Ma’am, it will still be the color only it will shine a bit.

Customer: Oh, okay. I wish I could sleep at night.

Me: Why can’t you?

Customer: The man who lived in the apartment before me died there. I hear his ghost in the living room every night. It’s been hard since my son died.

Me: I’m sorry. What happened?

Customer: I just can’t sleep. His ghost is in the apartment too. He loves the guest room.

Me: um….

Customer: My ex-husband tells everyone I killed him, but I didn’t.

Me: (nervous laugh) I believe you

Customer: He tells everyone I killed him, but I didn’t. He killed him.

Me: How did he die?

Customer: I don’t know. He went to the hospital for 10 days and died after the ten days.

(I’m try to hurry up and finish, to get her on her way. I removed the can from the mixer and opened the lid to test if it was the color she wanted. I also had a small mallet out to hammer the lid closed when I was done. I had just opened it when she grabbed the mallet. Both my coworker and I were a little taken back from the action and slightly on edge after hearing the whole conversation)

Customer: Looks good. This is where we hit is closed again right?

Coworker: No! uh, no ma’am. We’re just going to take a dab of paint and make sure it dries as the right color.

(He slowly takes the hammer from her and places it under the counter. I rush to dry the paint with the old hair drier.)

Me: Alright seems good. Here you go.

(She smiled, said thanks and wished us a good day as she walked away)

Me: Bye bye

Coworker: Are you as freaked out as I am?

Me: I hope so. Think if I ask nicely I can take an early lunch?