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(I’m working the prize counter at an arcade. A father and his daughter come up, and I count their tickets while they look at prizes. The girl looks somewhat tomboyish, but doesn’t seem to be affected by it. She picks out some planes, and a man watching comes up angrily.)
Customer: What? You’re letting her pick out BOY stuff? She’s gonna turn into a d*** lesbian!
Father: I’m letting her get what she wants. If she wants the planes, she can get them.
Me: Sir, please watch your language.
Customer: *turns to me* Well, she should be getting GIRL toys! Like rings and dolls and stuffed animals!
Me: If she doesn’t want them, she doesn’t have to get them.
Customer: She’s gonna be a lesbian and then she’s gonna ruin society!
(The father and daughter start edging away. I look around for a manager, but don’t see one.)
Me: Sir, even if she was one, she won’t hurt anyone. I’m a pansexual and nobody has ever complained about it.
Customer: F**** f** everywhere! *runs off*
Father: Oh my god, I’m sorry about him….
Me: It’s no problem. Here. (I hand the girl a few extra planes.) Have fun with those, anything else you want?
(The customer tried complaining about me to a manager, but was told to leave. He hasn’t been back since.)