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(I’m working the closing shift for a deli training the new girl, Jess, on how to close down the department.  Company policy states we must close a half hour before the store closes to clean the slicers, floors, and counters.  The deli is closed but a preppy-looking couple shows up wanting service.  After telling the couple the department closed, they continue to insist on being serviced.  Jess approaches me with the issue.)

Jess:  Hey.  The couple over there is demanding to be serviced.

Me:  And did you tell them that we’re closed?

Jess:  Yes, but they’re still arguing this point.  What else can I do?

Me:  Follow me, I’ll take care of it.

(I walk over to the counter where the couple is)

Me:  Yes, what’s the problem?

Man:  No problem.  We just want to be serviced.

Me:  Well, did you hear the young lady tell you that we were closed?

Man:  We did.  But we still want you to serve us anyways.

(short pause)

Me:  Maybe you have trouble understanding English…WE!  ARE!!  CLOSED!!!

(long pause)

Woman:  You can’t talk to us like that.  We spoke to the manager who said it was okay.

Me:  You didn’t speak to no manager.  The manager leaves at 9:00pm and its 10:45pm so I don’t know who it is that you spoke to.  If you want service that badly, go find this so-called manager and have him slice your order!  We are closed and that’s that!

Man:  This is unacceptable.  We go to [store name] at this time and we get serviced there.

Me:  Nice try.  But I shop there too and their deli dept. closes an hour earlier than us.  For the last time, WE ARE CLOSED!!

(couple angrily leaves cussing beneath their breath)

Jess:  Umm…we’re not allowed to talk to people like that.

Me:  Two things.  One, its my last day so I really don’t care.  And two, that couple shows up once a month trying to pull this stunt all the time.  If you get them again, feel free to do what I did to them.

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