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(I work at a military facility listening to radios and answering phones. One day I got the strangest call I’ve ever received in three years on the job…)

Me: “Good morning, (military facility) this is (my name) speaking. How may I help you?”

(Very old) Caller: “Hello, I live in (next town over) and I have an apointment with Dr. Taylor today. I’m on an oxygen tank so I won’t be able to make it in.”

(note: I have no idea who Dr. Taylor is, I have never heard of him and we definitely don’t have a medical facility at our base.)

Me: “Uh… I’m sorry Ma’am, this is (military facility).”

Caller: “Yes, and I can’t make it in to see Dr. Taylor today because I’m on oxygen! I need to reschedule my appointment!”

Me: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but you’re going to have to call your doctor’s office. This is (military facility). We help mariners and deal with search and rescue….”

Caller: “Oh, so Dr. Taylor doesn’t pick up his messages here??”

Me: “Um….no.”

Caller: “Well that’s weird, he must have just stopped. Well thanks for your help young lady, I’ll try to find another number for him….” *Click*

Coworker: “….why would any doctor pick up their messages at a search and rescue base?”

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