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So there’s this lady who comes in once a week for dinner with her husband. Every week she has something new to complain about. The other day when I was working this woman came back up after receiving her food and asked for all her hot wings to be shaped like a drumstick. I apologized to her and told her we couldn’t control what shape they were in, but I went back to check anyway. I came back, told her we didn’t have any, apologized and asked if I could get her anything else. She promptly groaned as loud as she could and stomped back to her table. Less than five minutes later she came back up with her little cup of mashed potatoes and gravy (which had been mixed together) and told me how messy her food was and demanded me to make her another one. Making sure to get gravy all over the container, I simply smiled and told her to have a nice day.

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