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(This takes place in a call center for a retail clothing line.  I handle both customer service calls and supervisor calls)

Woman:  I’m calling to check the status of my return from a couple weeks ago.

Me:  Sure, one moment please (type info into computer).  I’m sorry ma’am but this item was returned outside of the 30-day window.  In fact, this item was returned 45 days ago.

Woman:  That doesn’t mean s***!  I returned items back many times in the past with no problem!!

Me:  Yes, because your last three returns were within the 30-day time period.

Woman:  And how was I suppose to know that?

Me:  Its written in the first page of the catalog.  It is the responsibility of the customer to be familiar with that policy before doing business with us or any other company.

Woman:  F*** you!  This is the last time I order from you.  I hope you lose your job!!

Me:  (In a giddy, but sarcastic, tone) Thank you!!  Same to you!