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(Much of our hotel has been refurbished, but all rooms are different shapes, sizes and styles, in some they have left the original trouser presses installed for various reasons, but all have brand new Irons and Ironing Boards. We don’t keep a record of which have Trouser presses because nobody ever specifically requires one, though I’m sure the housekeepers could tell you off the top of their heads..!)

Me: Good Evening Reception how may I help you?

Guest: (rather abrupt and clearly irate) I can’t find the trouser-press in my room.

Me: Okay sir, not all of our rooms have trouser-presses, however all do have Irons and Ironing Boards.

Customer: YES YES YES YES I can see that but I have stayed in hundred of hotels and I always have a trouser press. Can’t you find me one?

Me: I’m afraid we’re full this evening Sir so i wouldn’t be able to find you an alternative room.

Customer: I just want the trouser press!!

Me: I understand sir, but all the trouser presses that we have in the hotel are attached to the walls in various rooms. However, like I say there are Iron and ironing boards in all the rooms.

Customer: Well I can’t use that can I??

Me: Well what exactly was it you were wanting to use the trouser press for Sir?

Customer: ARE YOU AN IDIOT??! To press my trousers of course!

Me: I see, you do understand that the Iron can be used for this purpose, which is why we provide them for all guests?

Customer: Don’t get smart with me, I have no idea how to use this ridiculous thing, you come and do it for me if you’re such a smartarse!!

Me: I do apologise Sir but that isn’t a service that we provide.

Customer: Oh for ****s sake

(Hangs up)

I will never know the fate of his creased trousers, but the hotel didn’t burn down that night so one would assume he worked out how to use the iron.,,