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(I was working at a small call center for a mobile company specializing in overseas cellphone usage, we get a great deal of elderly people who do not understand cellphones, so I was used to explaining fairly elementary aspects of the hardware.)

Me: Thank you for calling [business], how can I help you?

Customer: You sent me a broken phone! I can’t get the d*** thing to turn on, I’ve tried everything! I need you to send me a new one!

Me: Okay, let’s start at the beginning first. Have you charged it?

Customer: It’s been charging all night and it even lights up but I still can’t get it to turn on!

Me: Do you have the phone with you? (yes) Okay, please try pressing and holding the “on” button for a few seconds, it has a red icon on it, just below the screen. It looks like a circle with a line coming down through the top. (I generally had to use ths description because people assume it’s the green “send” button, or else cannot identify either button at all.)

Customer: How do I press it?

Me: How…do you press a button?

Customer: Yes! I need to know how to get this thing on!

Me:…place your index finger or thumb on the button. Apply pressure.

Customer: It worked! How did you know that?!

Me: Just a hunch ma’am.

(I had to cover the mic to keep her from hearing my manager cracking up in the background.)