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(I’m working in the concession stand on a very busy Sunday.  My register is around the corner from the candy counter, which is arranged by price to make it easier for the guests.)

Customer: Do you guys sell candy?

Me: Yes, it’s just over on this side.  You can come on over and have a look if you’d like.

(The customer walks over and looks confused)

Customer: There are no prices listed!

Me: Yes, sorry.  That’s because our stock changes all of the time.  The top shelf is $3.00, the middle shelf is $4.00, and the bottom shelf is $4.75.

Customer: But why aren’t they listed?  How am I supposed to know the prices?

Me:  We’ve arranged them by price.  Again, the top shelf is $3.00…

Customer: (cuts me off) I heard you, I heard you.  So how much are the Skittles?

Me: They’re on the bottom shelf, so they’re $4.75.

Customer:  I don’t understand!  How am I supposed to know how much these cost?!?!

Me:  You could tell me which candy you want and I can tell you the price.

Customer: Well that’s not very easy.  Can you write the prices down for me?

Me: Write them down?  Where?

Customer: On a sheet of paper?  Gosh! *shakes her head in disgust*

(The next customer in line yells over the counter)

Customer #2: Lady!  It’s not rocket science!  Just tell her the candy you want and go to your movie!

(Customer #1 huffs and asks for the box of Skittles.  She tried to pay with a personal check, which we don’t accept as payment.  When I told her that, she threw the box of Skittles at me along with dumping the popcorn I had just served her all over the counter before running out of the theater, not going to her movie at all.  She comes back the next day.  I’m at the box office where we sell tickets and perform refunds.)

Customer: Hi, I’d like to get a refund on my ticket.  I never ended up going to the movie, I was so angry!

(Of course I recognize her, but I play along.)

Me: I’m so sorry.  What was the problem?

Customer: Oh, the cashier at the concessions stand!  She was so b**chy with me!  When I asked for the prices of the candy, she threw my popcorn at me and it got all over me and the counter!

Me: Wow!  Did you happen to get her name?

Customer: I didn’t, no.  Can I just trade in my ticket?

Me: I’d like to find out about this employee a little more so we can fix this.  Was she tall, or short?

Customer: Pretty tall….

Me: Brown hair, blue eyes.  Did she have her hair up in a bun?

(Recognition comes over the customer’s face that I’m describing myself.)

Customer: Oh…um….I guess.  So about my ticket….

Me: Yeah, no.  No refunds on tickets from the day before.  And even if you had come on the same day, I would have refused to give you a refund.  If you notice on the back of the ticket, it says that we have the right to refuse service to anyone, especially someone who throws a fit when they can’t write a check when all signs clearly state they aren’t accepted.

(She threw her tickets down and ran away.  I never saw her again.)