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Me: [Answering a phone call] “Good afternoon, [company name]”
Caller: “May I speak to [some name I’ve never heard before]?”
Me: “I’m sorry, but there’s no such person here.”
Caller: “Oh, which company is this?”
Me: “[company name]”
Caller: “Oh, then maybe it’s the wrong company. You know, you sound really nice, like my friend’s secretary. So sweet and kind…”
Me: [Cutting in] “Yes, you’ve got the wrong number. Goodbye.” [Hangs up]
(A few seconds later, the phone rings. It is the same caller.)
Me: “Good afternoon, [company name].”
Caller: “Oh, it’s the wrong number again! You know, you sound very nice. I love listening to your voice.”
Me: “Goodbye.” [Hangs up]

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