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, | Unfiltered | October 25, 2018

I work in a local retail shop, that have a lot of costumers that are mentally challenged and live in homes not far from the store. They don’t always have a helper with them, so we have to help a lot from time to time. A larger man with tattoos and long hair walks up to me, notice that i haven’t seen him in my 5 years of working there.

Me: Hello, how can i help you?
Man: ….
Me: Sir? Anything i can be of assistance of?
Man: ….

At this point i’m not sure if i’m just standing in his way.

Me: Sir, if there is nothing that i can help you with, i really need to get back to work okay?
Man: No, stay
Me: Stay here?
Man: …
Me: Sir i really need to get back to work, so if you don’t need help with anything, i have to stuff to do.

At this point he is just staring at me, and i notice he is drooling heavily.

Me: Alright sir, i’m gonna leave you to your shopping, and wish you a good day.

He contiouned to stand and drool for the next 20 min at me before leaving the store with nothing bought. To this day i’ve never seen him again.