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(Canada recently eliminated pennies from circulation, resulting in some pesky rounding rules. For example: $2.47 rounds down to $2.45 when paying with cash, but $2.48 rounds UP to $2.50. This man pumped $5.03 worth of gasoline.)

Me: That’ll be $5.05.

(He hands me five dollars.)

Me: Sorry sir, but do you have a nickel.

Him: What the f***, are you serious?

(He gives me the filthiest look, like I just suggested his grandmother was a prostitute for  soldiers in the First World War. I stare at him in surprise, but he leaves without further incident and I forget about the whole thing… until he comes back the next day and pumps exactly $9.97.)

Him: I was thinking about you all day yesterday.

Me: Oh. I’m… flattered?

Him: Don’t be. There’s your three cents.

(He slams a ten-dollar bill onto the counter. I process the transaction.)

Me: Thank you sir, and have a nice day. I probably won’t think about you at all.