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(Our store is in a shopping center with a multitude of others. We have covered sidewalks that run along the whole length of the front of the stores, and trash cans that people tend to slap flyers on. The trashcans aren’t affiliated with any store, they’re considered public property, so people can post what they like. Someone recently placed a poster about a guy in the community. It was offensive, so it was ripped down, but someone posted it back up the same day. The next day, my coworker took a call from a furious woman. I only heard my coworker’s side of it for the most part.)

Coworker: Thank you for calling [Store], this is [Name]. Yes, ma’am, I’ll get that for you right now. (She turns to me to ask for the corporate number.) What? What flyer? …  We don’t post flyers in the store, ma’am. … No, ma’am, that’s not allowed. Do you mean the one on the trash can? … Yes, ma’am, I saw it. It’s on public property. It’s not ours. *She starts to look upset at this point and gives her name* Yes, ma’am, I read some of it. … No, I didn’t take it down. … Because it’s public property. Anyone can place what they like. … Wait, you’re going to try and get me fired for reading it? … So, no matter who answered the phone was going to get in trouble, and I was the lucky one to answer?

(I take the phone from her at this point, because she’s about to cry.)

Me: This is [name], what can I do for you?

Angry woman: *Still in a tirade* … and I will have you know I am recording this.

Me: Ma’am. Ma’am.

Angry woman: Who is this?

Me: This is [name]. You were wanting the number to corporate?

Angry woman: Yes, I do. You put that offensive poster up outside your store. *Goes off into another tirade that I ignore for the most part as I go for the number*

Me: Ma’am. MA’AM! You realize that is on public property? We have no control-

Angry woman: I just want the number for corporate.

Me: That number is-

Angry woman: And don’t think that you are getting away with posting that crap in your store.

Me: Well, I don’t appreciate you talking to my coworker that way.

Angry woman: I will talk to her any way I want!

Me: Do you want the number to corporate or not?

Angry woman: *Hangs up phone*

(The next day, my manager received a call saying we were unprofessional. The manager gave the woman the number for corporate. She came in the day after that and is at my register. Not only do I recognize her, but I realize that she works at the bakery my sister owns.)

Me: Did you find everything okay?

Angry Woman: Yes. I see your manager finally took down that poster.

Me: What poster?

Angry Woman: The one you had in the store about that man. You know he didn’t do it, right? My five year old girl read that. I hope your manager fired that girl who let it get posted.

Me: *Smiling as large as I can* Nope. She didn’t. I didn’t, either, though I appreciate you calling us unprofessional.

(She shuts up and hurries through checking out to rush out of the store, then notify my manager of the woman. Sure enough, my manager gets another call about me and how unbearably rude I was to her. My manager only laughed about the call, but I decided to contact my sister about the woman. Guess who got fired in the end!)

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