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I’m moving, working and doing school and more than a little bit tired. I am also attempting to get rid of my junk on Craig’s List, one being a large old lamp.

My posting: “I’ve got a free old-school standing lamp made out of metal and plastic. Completely free, though if you can’t pick it up, I can deliver it for $5.”

I perhaps didn’t think that one through as two minutes later I get reply.

Michael: “OK fantastic…. delivery for 5 Canadian dollars….. I’m at [address on other side of country] so see you in about 47 hours…… thanks a whole bunch….”

I stare, not comprehending for way too long before bursting out laughing.

Me: “You just made my day, man. I’m giggling over here. Thanks.”

It was the first positive emotion I had had all day and he sends me one more message.

Michael: “No worries, I’m in down by the peace arch border crossing. Just watch out what you offer on the internet.
“But hey I am serious, that is the address I want you to deliver the lamp to for $5.00 whole Canadian blue dollars… Come on you will enjoy the road trip, non stop 88hrs round trip by car you can do it your the best…. See Canada through your windshield flashing by at 100kmph….
“PS. glad I made somebodies day…….”

It was a such a crappy day until he showed up. Goes to show that the customer can wrong but the right man for the job.

Thanks Michael, wherever you are.