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(We are a national call center.  We have local service providers in all 50 states to provide assistance for our customers.  Unfortunately,  there is no way to determine a customers location,  and we have to enter everything manually.  This particular customer is a Spanish speaker,  so I have a third party translator on the line with us. )
me: Did the vehicle stall?
Customer : no.  It won’t start.
Me: ok, has a Jumpstart been attempted yet?
Customer: yes.
Me: ok in that case we can send it a tow.
translator: he says he needs the wire.
Me: um. ..what type of wire?
Translator: you know. ..the wire. ..the one that you connect. ..
me: a Jumpstart?
Translator: no,  the wire. you  attach it and it starts the car.
Me: so. ..a Jumpstart?
Translator: the wire. ..

(At this point,  I am very confused, and still cannot get out of them what type of wire.  I’m forced to assume he just wants a Jumpstart,  and decide to move on. )

Me: may I verify the year,  make,  and model of the vehicle?
Customer: -gives information-
Me: great!  And what color is the vehicle?
Customer : oh my god seriously? ! Just get someone here!
Me: sir,  we need this information so we make sure we provide service for the right vehicle.
Customer : fine.  Grey. It’s grey.
Me: and what city and state is it located in?
(As I am saying this,  the customer interrupts me.)
Customer : you aren’t in [city name ] are you?
Me: no sir,  we are a national call center located in a different state.  However,  we would be dispatching a local provider to assist you.
Customer: what? ! Your aren’t from [city name]?! What kind of service is this? !
Me: sir,  I can assure you, we use local providers.

(This gets repeated several times before he finally let’s me continue and get his location.  Honestly,  I don’t trust that the translator was helping in any way. )