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(I’m the manager on duty this night, and my associate calls me over for help)

Associate: Can we return somethings onto a credit card without a receipt?

Me: No, we can only do store credit. Why, what’s going on?

Customer: I just, I bought these *items* and I don’t need them anymore. But I don’t want a store credit, I need the money back on my credit card.

Me: Well if you have the card with you, I can look the receipt up.

Customer: Well that’s the problem, I don’t have the card with me either.

Me: How would we put the money back on your credit card if you don’t have it with you?

Customer: Well I thought you could put it on a different card.

Me: No, I’m sorry, we can’t do that. Even with a receipt, it has to go back on the same card it was purchased on. And even now, without a receipt, there’s no way to tell how it was purchased, or if it was even purchased here. Do you know when you bought it?

Customer: No.

Me: Hmm, ok, well there isn’t much we can do. All I can do it give you store credit.

Customer: Well isn’t there a manager I can talk to about this?

Me: That’s me.

Customer: … oh …….

Me: Yeah. If you had the card on you, I would be able to find the receipt for you, and then put the refund on it. Do you happen to have the card number? Then maybe I could just let it slide for this one time and put it back on a different card for you, as long as I get proof of purchase.

Customer: No, I don’t even have the card anymore. I don’t want store credit.

(I go to the computer and try looking up all the transaction history on the item she’s trying to return, and the last time it was sold at our store was over 8 months ago)

Me: Well I’m not showing any record of this being sold since before May, so even with a receipt, I would only be able to give you store credit, and even then that’s giving you a lot, since our return policy is 30 days.

Customer: (huffs) fine. I’ll just take the store credit