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I work at a wine and cheese shop in the middle of wine country. I am working the counter around closing time when an elderly man wanders up to the counter; he begins look around at our merchandise and spots some of our apricot cakes.

Me: How may I help you sir?

Customer: What are these thingies?

Me: They’re like walnut and fig cakes but have apricots in them inst…

Customer: It’s ah-pri-cot not a-per-cot!

Me: Well, it really all depends on how you want to say it you know, to-may-to to-mah-to…

Customer: Wait, wait, wait…look at this (he takes out his wallet, places it on the counter, and spins it around) oooooohhhhh….

Me: That’s…very nice, is there something I can do for you sir?

Customer: Can I get one of those? (pointing up at one of our giant fiber glass display animals)

Me: Sorry sir, those are not for sale.

Customer: Then get me a
chicken taco no lettuce.

Me: Sir, we sell wine and cheese, not tacos.

Customer: Well you’re in a bad places to do that! *wanders off*

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