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I’m standing in line at a used game store. The customer at the front has a pretty big trade-in, and there’s only one worker. This happens on a fairly regular basis, and the regulars here know that, so nobody is really bothered by it. Then, a woman pushes to the front with her daughter, with a condescending look on her face directed at everyone.

Woman: “Excuse me.”
Worker: “Hold on.”
Woman. *louder, slower* “Excuse. Me.”
Worker: “Yes Mam?”
Woman: “I’d like to buy these.” *indicates her purchase*
Worker: “Okay, Mam, but I’m working with someone right now, and there’s a line. You’ll have to-”
Woman: “I’m in a hurry.”
Worker: “I understand, but these people were here first.”
Woman: *another condescending glare* “I said. I’m. In. A. Hurry.”
Worker: “Mam, I’m very sorry, but you have to get to the back of the line.”
Woman: *mutters insults and curse words in Spanish*
Worker: *responding in Spanish* “I speak Spanish, I’ve studied it for years. You really shouldn’t use that language around your daughter.
Woman: *silently moves to the back of the line*

I tried muffling my laughter with the other customers. We all burst out laughing and clapping once the irate woman left with her games.

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