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This interaction took place between a coworker and a customer as I was finishing up taking a payment for another customer.

Customer: I would like to change my plan to the Unlimited Talk and Text with one gigabyte of data for our two phones.
Coworker: Let me take a look at your account real quick, and see what we are working with.  What’s your phone number.

She pulls up the customers account and sees that the customer is currently on a 3GB plan, and is using an average of 1.5GB a month.

Coworker: Ma’am, You are currently using about one and a half gigabytes every month, by switching you to the lower plan, I would only be saving you $10 a month. With the amount of data you are using you would end up with almost $30 in overages.
Customer:  My bill is too high, I want you to put me on the 1 gigabyte plan.
Coworker:  Would you like to put a usage cap on the account then to make sure you don’t go over?
Customer *hastily grabbing her purse and storming towards the door*:  I’ll just call and have them do it.  I’ll get better customer service that way!