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(I work at a grocery store and I finish checking out a customer)
Me: “Your total for tonight will be $63.08.”
Customer: “Okay, here’s $63. Let me get the 8 cents.”
(Customer searches through her wallet, moving dollar bills and searching for change.)
Customer: “I only have 3 cents.”
Me: “I’m sorry, but I need the total amount.”
Customer: “It’s just 5 cents. can’t you cut me a break?”
Me: “I’m sorry. I’m not going to be fired over five cents.”
Customer: “Other casheirs have done it for me.”
(Starting to get frustrated, I offer to call my manager. She immediately pulls out a dollar bill and slams it on the counter.)
Me: “Okay, here’s your change. Thank you, have a great night.”
Customer: “I would have if I didn’t have all this change.”
Second Customer: “I’ll take it if you really don’t want it.”
(She quickly shoves the change into her purse and walks away, as if the man had insulted her.)
Second Customer: “Was that a no then?”

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