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a customer and her husband come in to our store, furious that we had made a mistake on their bill payment.
**wife: you gave us the wrong receipt!  You paid the wrong bill! Look what it says on the receipt! MasterCard! We don’t even have a MasterCard at all!
**me: (remembering when the customer’s husband had come in two days before) I know that I took the information off whatever your husband gave us, let me check our paperwork.  Did you say I took the account number off an old receipt?
**wife: yes.  You took it off the receipt.  Here is the receipt.  It is wrong!
I pull out the paperwork for the day in question, and find the bill stub that the husband had provided, only to find out that I had done the transaction correctly, and processed a payment for a **MasterCard** account.
**me: Here, Ma’am, here’s the bill stub your husband provided. It matches the account number on your receipt.  The name is different (it was a typo) but it was processed for the correct account so your bill will be credited correctly.
**wife: but the name is different!
**me: Yes, but I assure you, as long as the account number is correct, which it is, everything is fine.
**wife: What a relief! You paid our MasterCard account!  At least I can relax now that our MasterCard is paid!
**me: ……….. Have a nice day!
(Yes, have a nice day with the MasterCard you said you didn’t even own…..)