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(I have had a bad night at work and just wanted to go home and this lady comes through the drive through and asked if we had chicken strips, but ended up ordering a ten piece nugget meal)

Me: “Anything else for you tonight?”

Her: “I actually have a strange request. See these are for my two kids so could you split it up into two bags?”

Me: (after a moment of silence) “Yup. Your total is $$$ at the window.”

(I go and tell my coworker how to bag this while the lady pulls up to the window. This is when I realized she didn’t tell me how she wanted the drink.)

Me: (opening the window to let the freezing cold air in) “Hello, did you want your drink split up also?”

Her: “Oh! Ya. Sure”

Me: “Alright. That’s $$$.”

Her: “Here’s for that, and that’s for you since you split that up for me.” (Hands me two extra dollars)

(I’m stunned because this very rarely happens)

Me: “Thank you.”

(I grab her change and hand it to her along with the food and drinks.)

Her: “Have a fantastic night!” (Drives away)

(That made my night and I finished the shift with a smile)