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(I work at a theme park which also includes a large animal safari. The park is located next to a forest and a lake, so occasionally animals will pass through, most often geese and woodchucks.)

Me noticing a large group of people pointing and taking photos : Excuse me can I help you all?

(Here I notice that the guests were crowded around a two foot long snapping turtle that had made it’s way from the lake)

Guest#1: Awww, I think it’s just so nice that you let the animals out for walks and fresh air.

Me: No, that’s actually a wild animal.

Guest#2: Hey would it be alright if I take a selfie with it?

Me: I would not advise doing so-

Guest#3: Can I pet it?

Me: No you can not.

Guest#4: Hey! Move out of the way I’m trying to get a picture of it!

(I had to wait 15 minutes constantly answering similar questions while I waited for security to come.)