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At this particular tea shop we are required to suggest samples to the passerbys. I’m standing at the cart handing out samples when a Highschool-aged boy comes over.
“Is that tea as sweet as you are?”
Ignoring the horrible pickup line, I explain the sweetness level of the tea. He leaves. He comes back nearly an hour later.
Him: “Is that tea as sweet as you are?”
Me: “You already said that.”
Him: “Well I meant that tea. *points to one of the two samples* what about this one? *points to the other”
Me: “Uhhhh”
Him: (trying to save the lack of game he has) “Your eyes are really pretty”
Me: “Thanks… I appreciate that.”
Him: “So if I try this tea, do I get your number”
Me: “No… No you don’t.”
At this point, his friend realizes I’m annoyed/uncomfortable and says “Come on, man” and pulls him away.

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