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Me: Thank you for calling [Store], how can I help you?

Female customer: You sell Frozen stuff?

Me: We most certainly do. Is there something in particular you’re looking for?

Female customer: No.

Me: *Waits a few seconds* Well, then I’m glad I can help. Thank you for calling and goodbye.

Customer: Wait! I ain’t done! You got balloons?

Me: We offer latex and mylar balloons.

Customer: You got Frozen balloons?

Me: We do, however we’re currently out of all Frozen balloons at this time.

Customer: Oh. Okay. *Hangs up*

*Next day, which is Saturday, we have massive balloon orders to fill. Customers will come in earlier in the week, select the items and the day and time they want the balloons filled. We tend to have at least 40 before noon. As it happens, ten to twelve of them are Frozen balloon orders that the customers have already prepaid for. We bag them and put them in our holding area for the customers to come in to claim*

Me: *Greeting a female customer who has come in and looking very hostile* Hello! Welcome to [Store]. Is there anything I can help you find?

Customer: You got Frozen stuff?

Me: We do, yes. Would you like me to show you where it is?

Customer: Nah. You got Frozen balloons?

Me: *Cluing in that this is the same customer who called the night before* We do. However we sold out of all Frozen balloons by Thursday. Did you by chance call about Frozen balloons last night?

Customer: Yeah, I did. She told me you had some.

Me: I believe you talked with me last night. I’m afraid I told you that we were out last night as well. Can I ask who you spoke with?

Customer: Yeah, it was [My Name].

Me: *points to tag and laughs* It was me, then. I’m really sorry, but we really are out of Frozen. However, if you need them for a later date, we can place an order in and let you know when they come in.

Customer: *Points to the orders that have been filled* You liar! I see them balloons over there! You got some!

Me: Those are orders that have been placed in and purchased already, ma’am. They aren’t for sale anymore.

Customer: But you got some.

Me: Yes, but not for sale. When are you needing your balloons for?

Customer: I need them right now! My niece has a party today and she loves Frozen. Give me one of them.

Me: Ma’am, I can’t. They aren’t for sale. Those are other customers’ orders. They have paid for them already.

Customer: You ain’t got none left over?

Me: No. We won’t have any until likely Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Customer: You can’t give me one of those?

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t. That’s not fair to the customer who bought them already.

Customer: S***. Give me one of those anyway. They won’t notice.

Me: I can’t.

Customer: *Gets loud* I SAID GIVE ME THOSE ONES!

Me: No. You can buy some latex balloons. But you aren’t getting any of those.

*The customer charges over to the order section and tries to grab one. She gets grabbed by the manager and a coworker, is escorted out and is given the suggestion not to come back*