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I work at a crawfish restaurant and its bring your own beer. One day a very tall drunk man comes stumbling in and I take him to a table.
Customer: How old are you?
Me: im 18
Customer: You look like your 10
Customer: Well arent you going to respond to my insult.
Me: i didnt take it as a insult sir.
Customer: I want 10 pounds of crawfish and a pound of shrimp.
Me: Alright it will be right out.
I walk into the kitchen and start to make his crawfish then he yells,”WAITER” and i hurry to his table.
Customer: Can i get my food already its been an hour since i ordered.
It had only been 5 minutes..
Me: Sorry Sir ill have it right out for you.
Customer: Ok thank you And by the way you have a big butt for someone so tiny.
I walk away slowly and get his food. After i get his food i tell the manager she walks out there and says.
Manager: Excuse me sir, did you just tell my waitress she had a nice butt??
Customer: Yes i did
Manager: You have no right to harrase my girls like that you need to pay for your food and leave. So he gets up gives me 300$ and takes his food and leaves. His food was only 132$.

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