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(I’m picking up a few things at the store, and go through self-checkout. A man is waiting behind me, and is quiet until I pull out my food stamps card.)
Man: Ugh, you’re a poor piece of sh*t, you should have waited for all the REAL members of society to go first!
Me: …excuse me?
Man: You heard me! You probably sit at home and collect welfare instead of actually working! Do you have a sugar daddy too? Does he buy you fancy cars and phones?
Me: Sir, please stop.
Man: Well, I’ll stop when you stop living on government handouts.
(An employee hears him and comes over.)
Employee: I’m going to ask you to either calm down or leave. This woman has asked you to leave her alone, and you’ve continued to harass her.
Man: She should stop being so lazy!
Me: I’m not lazy, I’m too disabled to work, but don’t qualify for disability. My husband works, but we’re barely paying bills. I don’t collect welfare.
Man: …well, you’re still lazy!
(He stormed off. The employee gave me a discount on my groceries.)