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I was working register at major discount retailer, when a couple came through my line with a child’s car seat. I scan it, and the register alerts that this particular car seat has been recalled and CANNOT be sold. I turn and tell them;
“Oh, I’m sorry, but this car seat has been recalled, so I can’t sell it. It should have been removed from the floor, I apologize.”
“well it was there, so you have to sell it to us.”
“As I said, I apologize for the confusion, somehow it didn’t get pulled, but it has been recalled by the manufacturer due to safety concerns, so we cannot sell it. The register won’t even ring it up.”
“So? Just give it to us for a discount.”
“… No. It CANNOT be sold. It is NOT SAFE That is why it was recalled ”
“Well it was there, so that’s false advertising! We’re going to buy this and YOU are just going to give us a discount, since it’s damaged.”
“Ma’am, it is not damaged. The manufacturer recalled it because there is a flaw that renders this car seat unsafe. This car seat will not protect a child properly in a crash.”
The woman continued to argue that that was all the more reason she should get it for a discount..
The couple finally left, empty handed, and threatening to buy the car seat from our competitor.
Is ‘Safety recall’ such a difficult concept to understand?