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(I like to play video games in my spare time, most recently Battlefield 4 & Splinter Cell Blacklist.)

(I am helping a customer, who is with his wife, with a decent sized tool purchase. Once they found everything they needed, I take them up to the register.)

Me: “Sir, I am seeing here you can save at least $30 off your purchase today with our [store card]. Would you like to apply?”

(The customer promptly replies.)

Customer: “NEGATIVE.”

(I bust out laughing, and the customer has this confused look on his face.)

Customer: “What’s funny?”

Me: “Sir (still laughing), you have no idea how long I have waited for some guy to come up to the register and just say ‘NEGATIVE’ or ‘NEGATIVE, SOLDIER’. I love playing military type games.”

(The customer and I both proceed to laugh and he explains how he was in the army for a while a few years back. I then let him know we give military discounts with ID, and he shows his military ID.

(Two days later, I read his perfect feedback from the sale, “Please hire more personnel like [My Name]! They truly know what customer service means.”)