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(After mopping the floor, a 16-18 year old kid comes over and stands  in the middle of the sectioned off area. He takes hand fuks of pringles and shoves them in his mouth. I’d be surprised if he even got a single chip by the time he ate avery five. With this mess growing, I walk over with the broom and
Me: hey, we just cleaned this area. Your turn.
Kid: gives wide eyed look* why me? Your the slave.
Me: no. Im the supervisor. Im not going to have one of my team members clean this area again because some self centered kid older than they are cant understand where to not walk through.
(Now the kids mother comes rushing over)
Mother: whats going on here.
Me: we had just cleaned this floor then roped it off to ensure the safety of our gests and team members.
Mother: *clearly sees the three foot circle of chip crumbs around her son looking like a dog left out in the rain still holding a half empty tube of pringles* GHUGH not again son! Quickly grabs the broom and pan and starts sweeping.
Me:  I ensure you, my team appreachiates it. Thank you for your cooperation.
Team:*stares in astonishment*
Me:*walked away* before I accidently said “well look at yourself bitch, why do you think this fuck cant understand what hes done wrong. My dogs better behaved…”

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