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So, the local community church serves a free dinner on the last Friday of the month. My family goes to it. I was lucky enough to have off that evening from work, so I joined them. This legit happened:

Me-*leaving the church and entering the parking lot*

I see an elderly man walking up the parking lot.

Man-*mumbles something that I can’t make out because of the distance*

Me-“I’m sorry sir, what was it that you said?” (Mind you, I’m using my work voice which is very quiet and sweet)

Man-“Is. The. Free. Dinner. Still. Going. On? Were you able to understand me that time or do you need me to translate it in another language for you?!”

Me-“yes. The dinner is still going on for another 10 minutes. Right in those doors. And I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t quite make out what you were saying.”

Man-“I can translate it, you know. Make you understand better. I do know French”

Me-“um….okay? Enjoy your dinner”

Needless to say, I walked away feeling very confused about the whole thing. And also the attitude he had in his voice. As I walked away, I secretly hoped that the kitchen had closed and refused him service.