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(I work at a seasonal Halloween store, and today only a few customers are in the store. I am sweeping when I turn into a hallway in front of the registers; it was like a scene in a horror story. A young kid, maybe eight, has one of the little toys we set by the registers in his mouth.)

Kid: *blows on it* “It’s a whistle.”

Me: “Um…”

Kid: *puts it back on the shelf* “It’s broken.”

(A fellow cashier sanitized the whistles with Purell and nervously laughed it off. Later a mom is checking out and her little girl is picking out more trinkets to buy and almost leaves with the EXACT SAME WHISTLE. She was stopped and it was put back.)

Me: *to fellow cashier* “I was so tempted to tell her “Are you sure about that whistle? A little boy used it before you.””