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I did a return for this one old lady. It went fairly smoothly – I asked her why she was returning, it was satisfactory, the receipt went through and the return was fine. No problems. Now, when you return something at the store I work at, sometimes it goes straight back to your card, and sometimes it makes you insert the card you used. In this case, although the total was only $5.14, I was surprised that it asked for her to insert her card, realizing it was a debit.

It worked fine, she was perfectly okay with it. She said no to cash back after some confusion, and the receipt printed out. As I handed to her and smiled, saying “Have a good one!” she just stared at me.

Finally she said, “Where’s my money?”

At my blank stare, she added, more aggressively, “Where’s my cash back?”

“Um, what cash back?” I asked, thinking maybe she meant the cash back option on the card screen for the debit transaction.

“My money! I returned that item, where’s my cash back?”

“Um, you already got it,” I told her. She was acting as if I had tried to scam her, and she looked pissed.

“No I didn’t! Where’s my cash?”

Realizing she just didn’t get it, I explained, “Ma’am, you inserted your card and you got your money back that way. It says so on your receipt.”
She backed away a little and glances at the receipt in her hand. Her personality did a complete one-eighty and she smiled brightly at me. “OH! That’s why I put my card in? Ah, I see now. Thanks for your help!”