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When picking up a call in the phone queue, calls can last between 15-20 minutes.  I picked the phone up at 4:30 believing I would be safe…I introduce myself and we move to payroll.
Me: Okay, let’s begin with [employee name]
Client: Ummmmmmm…(click clack click clack)…ummmmm….15 — no 20.77 hours
Me: 20.77 hours for [employee name]?
Client: NO!!  20.77 HOURS!
Me: Yes…that’s what I have here, ma’am.
Moving on, she needed to add a few employees.  I tell her to let me know when she is ready to just begin with their hire date.  I hear her typing on the other side…some small sighs and ten minutes later she slowly gives me the employee information.
This whole interaction took us one and a half hours to complete an 18-person payroll and the whole building has emptied because it is now 6 and we close at 5.
At the end, she needed me to void and reissue the payroll and when I asked if she would hold a few minutes while I do so she said “Do I have to hold?  I am in a hurry for an appointment.”