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(I work at an independently owned movie theater and we have a strict no $100 bill policy which is posted on the doors when you walk in, on a large sign on the employee entrance door, and in front of all the registers.)
Customer: Hi can we get 5 for [MOVIE]
Me: Absolutely, can I get you anything else today?
(You buy your tickets at the same place you buy your concessions)
Customer: Yes one moment.
(I waited there patiently as she pulled a $100 bill from her wallet and asked her kids what they wanted)
Me: Ma’am before you go on I would just like to let you know that we have a strict no $100 bill policy.
Customer: But that’s all I have
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, we can not accept it, we have signs posted all around the theater, you can however go to the gas station down the street and ask them to break it for you
Customer: Show me a sign then, I don’t see one
(I point to the sign right in front of my register)
Customer: That is the dumbest F****** policy I’ve ever heard.
(She turns around and tells her children that they won’t be seeing a movie today, one of the older kids offers to go and drive and get change from a gas station. While she is gone to get change, the customer is sitting on the bench giving me the death glare the whole time. The child finally returned and they come up to the counter and finish their order large order)
Me: That will come to $124.25
Customer: Oh that much? Do you accept cards?
Me: Yes ma’am we do
(As the customer walks away I am completely baffled at the fact that she had a card that she could have paid with the whole time instead of having her daughter drive and break the $100 bill and making them 20 minutes late for their movie)

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