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(I am working at the front counter when a nonchalant-looking customer approaches.)

Customer: “Hi, I have a copy of ‘A Mastery of Love’ on hold for me?”

Me: “Of course! One moment.”

(I get the book and scan it for her. As the transaction proceeds, the customer suddenly appears to become more exasperated, even though I am not doing anything wrong. She gets snippy with me when I ask if she would like her card to be run as credit or debit, and proceeds to mumble furiously under her breath as I complete the sale. I think nothing of it until…)

Customer: *abruptly and nastily* So I get to be in debt because I have to buy insurance and pay bills, while some illegal immigrant gets to go to the f***ing ER and not pay a cent for it! Fantastic!”

Me: “…You try to have a good day, okay?”

(She leaves the store, and I have to take a moment to get over the shock. To this day, I don’t know what brought on that out-of-the-blue rant, or whether or not I did anything to inadvertently trigger it.)

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