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(I am waiting in the checkout line at the register in my local supermarket. The customer before me doesn’t put his items away and when the cashier tells him the amount he has to pay, the following situation happens)

Cashier: That will be [amount].
Customer: Oh ok.
Cashier: *waiting for him to pay*
Customer: Oh and one pack of [cigarette brand] please.
Cashier: Ok, that will be [amount].
Customer: Oh and one lottery ticket please.
Cashier: *sighs* Ok, that will be [amount]

(It takes the customer what seems like ages to pull out his wallet. He hands her a 10€ bill. Note: Alone the pack of cigarettes and the lottery ticket cost more than €10. When he finally manages to pay the full amount, he takes ages to pack his items, so the cashier isn’t able to scan my purchases because my items would get mixed up with his. We’re both waiting patiently for him to pack up and leave. After about what feels like a hundred years he’s finally able to leave the store.)

Cashier: *turns to me* Well, you know… some people just don’t recognize that there are other people waiting in line. I’m so sorry!
Me: Don’t you worry, it’s not your fault. I sure hope that there aren’t any customers complaining about things that are clearly not your fault.

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